It’s the 4th of July, let’s play with fire

Independence Day Weekend – Makawao and Lahaina The 4th of July is about celebrating that we live in a country where we are free to do as we please. Say what you will, but compared to the rest of the world, we’ve really got the freedom thing going on here. Let’s exploit it, take advantage […]

I’m in Maui, Bitch!


LMFAO, DJ Lucky Lou Opens. 7:30 PM, Castle Theatre at the MACC, Friday, July 2cnd. $32 advance, $35 at the door Maui stole something. The hottest electro-hip-hop band of the moment skipped out on the Black Eyed Peas tour for the weekend to rage with the Hawaiians. In pure LMFAO style, they dropped in on […]

Makawao Town’s 4th of July Celebration


I have attended Makawao Town’s Fourth of July Parade 13 times. (I’m 18 years old, so we’ll have to subtract 2 years of “Don’t take the baby by all those big animals,” 2 years of “I just became a teenager and only talk to other teenagers,” and 1 year of summer vacation in Washington.) It […]

Jazz and Blues Fest

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Jazz and Blues Fest – Saturday, June 26th, 6:30 pm, Iao Theater, 68 N. Market St., Wailuku, $10 suggested donation at the door The 2010 Maui Invitational Music Festival invited a lot of people to the Jazz and Blues Fest. And if you’re trying to throw a good party (festival=fiesta=party… logical, right?) the trick is […]

Loosen your key

19th Annual Ki Ho’alu Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival : Sunday, June 27th 2-7 pm, Free It’s the height of summer. The summer solstice (June 21st), just passed us by, and the days are stretching into the late evening, creating wonderful sunsets and wicked sunburns. Enjoy the sunset and ignore the sunburn at the 19th […]

Kapalua Wine Festival

KW&FF Cabertnet Vertical Tasting

Oh, “class,” whatever happened to you? Don’t get me wrong, Heinekens and a rusty barbecue are the building blocks for many phenomenal evenings, but sometimes a little dose of those mysterious concepts – class, style, and luxury – can work wonders. This weekend is going to be chock full of so much class that when […]

Male Bonding Saturday (June 19), 7:30pm, Castle Theater, MACC, $25 In this day-and-age “Family Time” is a mystical, mildly horrifying concept that tends to decrease drastically in time and effort around the time Girl and Boyscouts stop being cool. However, it’s a well-kept secret that even in this day-in-age parents sit down with their teenagers for […]

That’s Amore…

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amore… And if the Benoits strike a chord with you, it’s probably because your inner romantic is beckoning in the summer and all of its enticing possibilities. These quiet jazz melodies lovingly crafted by this self-proclaimed gypsy couple lift spirits and suggest that […]

Tropical Getaway. In Waikapu.

5:30 pm, June 20th, Maui Tropical Plantation My hippie friend, her very-hippie mother, – ladies, I say that with love – and I took a leisurely stroll through fields of Kamiya Papayas, Macademia Nuts, Sugar Cane, Taro, Heliconia, and other beautiful plants. Along the way we stopped to gape at a few little monkeys, scurry […]

The 11th annual Taiko Festival at the MACC

Ninja Training Please Japan might be known as the nation of techies now, but even before the technology super world started to expand exponentially – tamaguchis anyone? – the Japanese were way cooler than we ever will be. Alright, maybe cool isn’t the right word… but intriguing certainly is. We teach our kids to eat […]

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