Album of the Week: Eligh’s “Grey Crow” (2010)

Album of the Week


Grey Crow (Legendary Music; 2010)


RATED 7 of 10: Eligh has learned a lot after five years of sobriety, and the Californian’s latest solo album proves it. “Find Yourself” graphically follows a young artist as he gets caught up in an iron grip of addiction, battles his demons and looks forward with cautious optimism. (It also showcases a great sample from the Talking Heads.) Eligh’s rapid-fire MC style is quick, witty and keeps you on your toes, while the content is positive and motivating without being sappy. “Miss Busdriver,” for example, pays homage to Eligh’s aunt from Oakland, who inspired him. (“She actually liked ‘The Simple Man’ song/This woman ran strong/Her energy is long/For decades and beyond.”).  And the music underlying this album is so good that it makes you want to keep hitting the repeat button. “Love Ov My Life” is a soothing, almost indie-rock tune that meshes with Eligh’s light-speed lyricism. And the infusion of Eligh’s quick rapping with staccato violins in “Angel of Death” and “Suffocate” is excellent. The album’s impressive guest list features many of the MCs in his group, Living Legends, including Maui resident The Grouch. All of which begs the question: why is this in the used section? – by Ben Lowenthal

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A version of this article appeared in print on March 24, 2011, on page 25 of MauiTime (volume 14, issue 40)

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Written by Anu Yagi

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