ATTENTION WEEKEND WARRIORS: It’s no too late to attend SOURCE – Fri. through Mon., Feb. 17-20

Photo by Keita Minagawa.



FRI., FEB 17 THROUGH MON., FEB. 20 – Even if you took your wildest technicolor reverie and shoved it in a multiplication machine, turned the dial up to 11 and doused the product in intergalactic glitter (among other magical stuff), the result would still be just a fraction of the fun that’s to be had at the Source Interactive Arts Festival. A la Burning Man, Source (now an official “regional burn”) is a weekend where hundreds of local creatives convene for four days of stuff like–as MauiTime contributor Sara Tekula described in a 2010 story–”colorful, larger-than-life fuzzy cupcakes on wheels, powered by humans on bikes. An enormous, rideable LED-and propane-lit dragonfly with mechanical controls like those on a forklift. A replica of an oil derrick, 200 feet tall, rigged with a record-setting amount of jet fuel exploding into a mushroom cloud above you. A ‘psychic taxi cab’ ride that takes you not to your chosen destination, but where you are ‘meant to go’…” With regards to the latter, we’d like to make a prediction, too, and say you’re meant to go–and will have a blast if you do. Online ticket sales have closed, but can still be purchased at the gate or in person at Choice (Lahaina), Wine Corner (Paia), Requests (Wailuku), or Dragon’s Den (Makawao).



Brah, we feel your pain because we’re whipped by The Man Mon. through Fri. (and then some), too. But just because you can’t make it for all four days of Source doesn’t mean you can’t attend for at least a day. Day passes (10am-10am) start at $100 and include all your food and security. Learn more by visiting their website. CLICK HERE to get in the mood by learning about the spirit behind Source, then CLICK HERE for their must-read Survival Guide.

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Written by Anu Yagi

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