This Saturday, Sept. 28: Zeptember IV at Mulligan’s

This annual tribute to Led Zeppelin and their fans is a hard rock hard-on for Maui. Emcee Trish Smith will do the introductions and Shawn Michael is the musical director. Highlighted artists included Nils Rosenblad, Halemanu Villiarimo, Chad Kaya, Byron Townsend, Jack Gist, Murray Thorne, Pete Sebastian, Deborah Vial, Caron Barrett, Josh Greenbaum, James Bowersox, […]

This Saturday, Dec. 1: A benefit for Mana’o Radio and Tribute to Jimi Hendrix at Three’s Bar & Grill

Here’s a benefit for Mana’o Radio, tribute to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix and 60’s Costume Party! Hendrix would have turned 70 this year, and this celebration will feature some of Maui’s hottest musicians: Vince Esquire, Don Lopez, Maui Underground, Nils Rosenblad, Chris Sendrey, Avi Ronen, Kenny Geist, Benny Uyetake, Danyel Alana, James Somera, Josh Greenbaum, […]

This Saturday, Sept. 22: Zeptember at Mulligans on the Blue

The month of September brings us Zeptember, the big tribute to Led Zeppelin that features artists who have drawn inspiration from Zeppelin’s work. You can join in for an evening of performances by Shawn Michael, Josh Greenbaum, Nils Rosenblad, Halemanu and many more. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Kihei Youth Center […]

Another Zeptember to Remember: This Saturday (Sept. 24) at Mulligan’s on the Blue, Wailea

Zeptember 2010 at Mulligan's on the Blue, Wailea. Photo by Brendan Smith.

ANOTHER ZEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER Saturday (Sept. 24), 6:30pm doors/7:30pm show, Mulligan’s on the Blue (100 Kaukahi St., Wailea), $20 advance / $25 door With self deprecation my river MO, peeps who read me “ramble on” often chastise, “Don’t be so hard on yourself!” While some of it’s for humor’s sake, the truth is often said […]

Birthdays Beats and Benefits

blue blue balloon

In 1870, Tiffany & Co. (no doubt for marketing purposes) published passages purportedly of Gregorian tradition, poetically describing birthstones attributed to each month. September’s stanza reads, “A maiden born when autumn leaves / Are rustling in September’s breeze / A sapphire on her brow should bind / To bring her joy and peace of mind.” […]

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